Your Money Mindset is:


Congratulations! Your mindset puts you in the perfect position to raise your money-making potential to the next level with a few conscious changes in your thoughts and feelings.

Your savvy saving skills and work-hard-to-get-ahead attitude keep you out of the red month-to-month. But those patterns of thinking are a double-edged sword and end up attracting the stumbling blocks holding you back.

Your life may seem like a broken record with repeated cycles of getting ahead and losing it all due to unforeseen car repairs or medical bills. Your debt gets you down and feels like an anchor, even though it brings in some residual income.

You’re ready to receive yet don’t truly believe your dream life is possible. After all, you’ve worked so hard, put in the hours, canceled your yearly vacation to Florida. But next-level abundance still escapes you.

Your mind swings between the false belief that wealth isn’t part of your destiny and the determination to create something different and truly unique. You’re unsure of your goals or how to reach them but want to leave a legacy and fortune.

Not knowing who you are or the value you bring, you try hard to please others. Put their needs first, seeking to affirm your own sense of self-worth.

Conscious Cash Creator, be of good cheer. You’re on the brink of a breakthrough if you choose to do the inner work.

Self-discipline is the key to your financial freedom, for the Law of Attraction is ever in action.

You can’t afford to fill your mind with doubts and fears about yourself or the special blessings you have to give to the world.  It will cost you the dream life you deserve.

Accept your role as a conscious creator. If you do, you’ll prove the Law. Know what you send out comes back to you.

That glass ceiling keeping you down is really the mediocre opinion you have of yourself.

So train yourself to turn away from feelings of lack and self-limiting doubts. Direct your attention to higher vibrations of abundance and love.

All things are possible when you love yourself. Yes, you know this truth from those singular moments of self-realization when you’ve looked within and remembered “WHO I AM” with every inch of your being.

You dare not breathe or even blink for fear of losing that internal connection. The love you feel is like a swelling ocean, cleansing all hurt, every feeling of woe.

You know for certain you’re never alone. You know you’re utterly invincible. But with the next thought you’re pulled from that space, seemingly separated from the love of your higher self. The little mind begins spinning its lies. You wonder what you’re really worth.

“Don’t be a victim of negative self-talk. Remember, you are listening. Self-love is the key to success in any venture. – Bob Proctor

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