Your Money Mindset is:


Careful! Your money mindset is holding you back from a life you’d love but DON’T THINK you deserve.

A lack of self-worth and fear of receiving, be it a gift or kind word, reinforces your poverty consciousness and puts your future at risk.

You hate checking your bank account balance and hope there’s enough to cover the taxi. Your credit card and student debt are a source of shame. But you’d rather rack it up now and pay it later than feel like you’re not living at all.

You dream of a life overflowing with wealth and want opportunities to pursue your passions and purpose. Yet, you’re worried, angry, and feel robbed of your freedom. You blame your astrological sign for your trouble with money.

You’re underpaid but are scared to ask for a raise for fear of rejection. Your inner critic gets the best of you, making you feel like you’re never enough.

For you, Double Down Debtor, forgiveness is a most powerful tool. It allows for surrender of what you couldn’t control.

The idea, perhaps, that if your income increases you’ll be taking from others. When you wanted more as a child, your mother said there’d be less for your beloved sister. You no longer have to buy into that lie.

It’s time to transform your thoughts and intentions. Direct your attention to higher vibrations. For the Law of Attraction is always in action.

When you allow your mind to dwell on struggles, you bring to yourself more of the same. Now that you know, it’s up to you to be mindful and make a start on the inner work.

Begin by forgiving mistakes you’ve made and any hurts from childhood. Replace neediness with deep feelings of gratitude for all you have in front of you. A beautiful flower. A loving spouse.

Focus on the truth that you live in an abundant Universe. Where all you desire flows easily into your hands and use.

These mindset exercises will shift your consciousness to higher vibrations of wealth and money. You’ll start to feel rich in each moment.

Be mindful to manifest your beautiful future, for did you know:


“Outward change comes after we change from within. Being a winner is never an accident; winning comes about by design, determination, and positive action.” – Bob Proctor

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