How to Solve Problems With a Glass of Water

Is it possible to solve problems with a glass of water? Am I crazy telling you about this?

I’m still astonished myself but, yes, you can solve problems with a glass of water.

It’s the simplest visualization technique I’ve found. It works like magic for solving work and personal problems.

How To Solve Problems with a Glass of Water

What problems can you solve with a glass of water? Choose something you’ve been working on without success as yet. Examples of ones I’ve solved this way:

  • Technical challenges creating my website
  • No response to an ad
  • Inability to create a video
  • Inability to upload the video to Youtube
  • Finding “lost”objects
  • Clarifying personal situations

You Can Solve Problems with a Glass of Water

Now imagine how you can solve problems.  There are so many possibilities:

  • What should I write my term paper on?
  • Why is my car making that scary noise?
  • What can I say to get a date with that cute girl?
  • How do I remember the new vocabulary words for a test?
  • How do I get meet my deadline at work?

Choose something you know you CAN do but haven’t because you’ve hit a roadblock. As your skills and confidence in the technique improve, you can move on to major matters like a new career.

Pour yourself a small glass just before bed. Then visualize your problem, hold the glass in both hands, close your eyes and look upward to the spot between your eyes (your “third eye”).

Drink half the water while you think, “This is all that is needed to find a solution to my problem.”

Go to bed as usual, confident that you can solve your problem.  When you awake, drink the rest of the water, also with closed eyes and thinking, “This is all that is needed to find a solution.”

This technique to solve problems has worked for me every time I’ve tried it. By the end of the following day, the situation had resolved in a way I hadn’t tried before. I often find I wake up in the morning knowing what to do without even drinking the rest of the water.

The subliminal programming allowed my mind to unlock knowledge I didn’t realize I had  read or to make new connections. Sleep is a very active time in alpha, delta and theta states when the right side of your brain takes over and creates whatever you need in your waking beta state. You will feel new power in your life knowing you can effortlessly solve your problems.

Just be specific about your problem. The video I mentioned above took me two days and two glasses of water because I thought my “problem” was making the video when actually I wanted to post it on Youtube which was another matter entirely!

Go ahead and try unlocking the power of your unconscious mind to solve problems with a glass of water.

Sal Ayub
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