Meditation Improves Problem Solving

Looking down from heaven, there are no problems, only solutions we don’t know about yet.

Everything we need to know exists somewhere deep inside us.  But how do we unlock this power?

Research shows more and more that tuning into our inner selves with meditation could be the answer.

A new study reported in Life Science shows that meditation provides enhanced problem-solving abilities, even to complete beginners.

Meditation Study Shows Benefit

Three psychologists at Israel’s Ben Gurion University of the Negev noted that meditation “opens” the mind.  So they designed a study to test the ability of both experienced and novice meditators to “think outside the box”.  The results were inspiring to all of us, whether we want to solve every day problems or change the world.

The study began with the classic Einstellung water jar test.  The volunteers with at least three years of meditation experience performed significantly better at devising the simplest solution than those without meditation experience.

Meditators Are More Creative

“The results demonstrate that mindfulness makes us less automatic, less blinded by our habits and past experiences, and enables us to better consider alternatives, to experience things in a fresh way, and with more of a ‘beginner’s mind,’” said researcher Jonathan Greenberg.

So Greenberg found 64 more volunteers and trained half to meditate for 6 weeks.  Interestingly, it does seem to take six weeks to begin experiencing the benefits of meditation.  Again, just this brief training gave the volunteers a significant edge in problem-solving over the test group.

Meditation Solves Problems From the Inside Out

Most of us don’t need to be more efficient at pouring water yet we can all benefit from finding elusive solutions to persistent problems, especially in our moods and our relationships.  Greenberg told Life Science his research applies there, too.  He’s hopeful is can reduce suicidal thoughts, feelings of hopelessness and overall depression.

“A married couple that repeatedly gets into the same quarrels and arguments may be able to break the cycle and look at things in a fresh perspective,” he posits.  ”Clinicians may be better able to offer new ways of looking at a clinical situation.”

The Potential for Good is Huge

He goes on to discuss improved negotiating ability in any kind of dispute and business managers replacing old procedures with new ones that serve their organizations better.

It’s exciting that hard research shows “rigid thinking” can be opened up with a pleasant six weeks of meditation.  The full Life Science article is on their website.  Greenberg and his partners published their original abstract.

How You Can Benefit

If you haven’t tried meditation yet or want an easy way to get started, I recommend the Silva Life Systems Method.  Created by Jose Silva over fifty years ago and used by millions, it’s a fast way unleash the extraordinary power of your mind.

Plus his daughter Laura Silva offers the starter program at no charge.

Sal Ayub
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