Affirmations For Money

Why do we need affirmations for money? You don’t, unless you need money! And do you want to keep the money you have? Do you feel confident you will always have enough money? Do you need money for a special purpose, like your child’s education? We all have beliefs about money that shape whether we have plenty or not enough. Let’s pick out some affirmations that will create the intention of having enough money for any higher purpose in our lives.

Our purpose is to create that comfortable state of prosperity in your own heart, beginning right now. You can create your own reality the same way by the powerful tool of reciting and writing affirmations. Not only are they reminders but over time these positive messages replace doubts, fears, negative thoughts and the experience of not having enough money.

Affirmations for Money

I love money and money loves me.

I will always have enough money to meet all my needs.

Money comes to me easily.

I never have to worry about money.

I always have money to spend and money to give away to those less fortunate.

Money has given me a very comfortable life.

Everything I do creates money.

My only money problem is keeping track of it all.

How to Use Affirmations for Money

How do we use our affirmations for money? I like to speak my affirmations. When I say them out loud, I’m not only speaking them into existence. I am also hearing them said to me by the one person I trust most, myself! It’s also very powerful to write them out over several pages. Feel free to make them better and better as you write. “I love money and money loves me” becomes “money seeks me out wherever I go” and “money pursues me” and “my bank account is overflowing with money.”

I also like to play a game with affirmations for money. I change my usernames for my bank and credit cards to phrases like “richgirl” and “millionairess.” For my password I play a new game every week. It’s a mini-affirmation every time I log in with “moneylovesyou” or “moremoneyeveryday”. I challenge you to play along! How much fun can you have as you convince yourself and the universe that you are rich in cash as well as spirit?

I challenge you to find new ways to lift your heart by working affirmations into every part of life. Send yourself little emails of encouragement. Mail yourself notes. And spread that message of prosperity around, too. Everyone wants to hear money loves them!

Sal Ayub
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