Affirmations From The Heart

We told our Inner Critic we love her but she’s not in charge.  She is a shadow of what our lives should be and could be.  We have the power to disarm her with love, as does our Divine Protector.  For we are beloved children of Almighty God, here on earth for a holy purpose.  So let’s take direction above. All of these affirmations are powerful to repeat once, daily or upon wakening or returning to the world of sleep.  These may speak to you.  And feel free to create ones that match your own spiritual reality.

Affirmations From The Heart

“I am beloved child of Almighty God, placed upon this earth for a holy purpose.  Guide me today and always in fulfilling my mission.”

“I am a pure vessel of Divine Love, insufficient to contain the boundless light that comes from Heaven itself and overflows to everyone around me.”

“The absence of Love is the absence of God.  God and Love are one and the same.”

“Always acknowledge the positive. Thank people for the smallest kindness. Compliment. And accept compliments – they are a gift not easily given.”

“Engage rather than withdraw in fear.”

“Acid corrodes the vessel. Don’t let the vessel be you.”

“Let life take care of other people. And let God take care of YOU, his most beloved child.”

“Always remember you are here for a holy purpose. It is manifesting God on earth. You KNOW what it is not.”

“Love Life and it will love you back.”

Games For Affirmations From the Heart

Affirmations remind us we are beloved children of the Divine. Treat yourself as an honored guest in your daily life. Smile at yourself in mirrors and whisper “I love you.” And try playing the affirmation game along with me. Since we all use computers, play a little game with your logins and passwords. Instead of “marysmith” for your username, how about “beautifullady”? For bank sites, I like ones like “marysmillions” and “potofgold.” Passwords are even more fun! For email passwords, experiment with ones like “everyonelovesyou,” “dropdeadgorgeous” and “iloveyou.” For work, try something like “bigraisecoming” or “promotionnextweek.” I challenge you to find new ways to lift your heart by working affirmations into every part of life. Send yourself little emails of encouragement. Mail yourself notes. And spread that love around, too!

Sal Ayub
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