Clearing Negative Beliefs

Clearing negative beliefs is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. You may already be aware of the negative thoughts that keep you from achieving what you really want.  Those embedded negative thoughts may be playing the background, so part of you that you can’t imagine being without them, yet keeping you from reaching your potential and being truly happy and fulfilled.  Clearing negative beliefs will change your life in ways you can’t imagine!

Clearing Negative Beliefs

So the first step in clearing negative beliefs is to identify them! Find them, write them down, examine them and prepare to banish them….here’s how. Start with something in your life that is incomplete or where you feel “stuck.”

So identify one of these areas. It can be something HUGE, like chronic unemployment or something seemingly small, like a closet full of unused items you regret buying, can’t afford and yet are uncomfortable returning for credit. I’m addicted to small, easy victories myself so I always start with things like seemingly spontaneous clutter in the garage rather than unrequited longing for an entirely new career.

Clearing Negative Beliefs Starts Now

Now that you have identified something you want to change – let’s say it is that closet full of unsuitable dresses with the sale tags still on them – let’s look at just why they are still there and not back at Nordstrom Rack and the money in your account. First step in clearing negative beliefs is writing down every reason that pops into your head:

I’m embarrassed to take them back.
They won’t want to give me a refund.
I was stupid to buy that orange miniskirt and don’t even the sales clerk to know I did.
I hate asking anyone for anything, even things I deserve like a refund.
I waited too long.
I’m too lazy.
I don’t have time.
I always procrastinate.
It’s rude to change my mind.
I bought it and I should keep my agreement.
It would look great if only I lost five pounds – taking it back is like admitting I am fat and a failure.

It doesn’t matter if these are good reasons – maybe they are – but they are keeping your closet full of things you don’t want and clearing limiting beliefs about it will give you more money to buy the things you really want. So choose one or all of these methods to blow them away!

Rip up the paper and throw it away.
Burn it! I do this in the sink….a bonfire or fireplace is even better!
Go into a relaxed state and virtually send them off into the universe, never to be “thought” again.

And tell yourself this mantra: negative beliefs have no power in my life. Nor will they, when you spend time every day clearing negative beliefs!

Sal Ayub
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