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Are you still wondering about creative visualization, and if you can really manifest abundance using the process?

Well, if we assume the answer to the question is yes, then we need to answer some other questions as well.

Mainly, is there any truth to manifesting, how does it work and can it be used to manifest large items as well as small items?

To start, we would have to think about the old saying of “where there is smoke, there is fire”, and usually this means that there is some kind of truth to the idea in question.

The Hit And Miss Of Creative Visualization

On the other hand however, you also have to remember the saying, “If wishes were horses beggers would ride,”which gives weight to the belief that some have about using creative visualization to manifest abundance is impossible, and will not work regardless.

The belief being that if it worked that easily for everyone, there would be no poverty, no hunger and everyone would be rich and have everything they want. Of course this is a valid point, and I would also like to add – and I’m sure you’ve either seen or experienced it – that when you try to manifest abundance, it appears at best, to be either hit or miss.

It appears to work for some people and then not for others. It works some of the time and then not at all. It works for some of your desires and not for other desires. It appears to be a system that you can’t rely on to be consistent, when according to everything that is being said, it should work every time.

Utilizing Knowledge Of Creative Visualization

But did you know that for creative visualization and any other metaphysical work, like visualizing and affirmations to work, you have to have the knowledge, understand the knowledge and use the knowledge of the universal laws in order to get the results you desire? Another saying comes to mine… “Practice makes perfect.”

Okay, enough of the cliches, but you get the point. In order for you to get the results you desire, you have to use the system with the purpose of changing the things you don’t like in your life. In other words, you can’t just visualize a few times or say a few affirmations when you get a chance and think your life is going to change for the better, or that you will be able to manifest abundance and anything else you want.

Again, as I’ve said many times before… you have to get a clear understanding of the universal laws. You have to get clear on your intentions. You have to be clear on your focus. You have to examine your belief system about money and limitations on what you can and cannot do. And lastly, you have to put into practice all the information you’ve learned about creative visualization.

You Are Manifesting Already

You already know that the things and situations you’re focusing on are coming into your life, and usually these are things you don’t necessarily want. But they still appear to come into your life rather consistently, and that is because you are consistently focusing on them.

So it’s not that it doesn’t work or doesn’t work consistently, it’s that you aren’t focusing on what you really want consistently. If the system seems to be hit and miss with you, then that may be because this is how you’re using the system. It’s only going to work as good as you work it.

And for those of you who believe it doesn’t work, then again, you have to examine your belief system. You will either succeed or fail by your beliefs, and that appears to be with anything in life. But you also need to be aware that regardless if you believe it works or not… you are and have been manifesting your entire life.

Making A Conscious Effort To Change Your Life

It doesn’t really matter if you believe in the law of attraction and manifesting. It happens, either with your knowledge or without. It’s a fact! A fact that you can either work and flow consciously with the universal laws and change your life, or be silent and let things flow and happen unconsciously as they have been.

So how do you eliminate the hit and miss and inconsistency of visualization? You have to practice. You have to put all the knowledge you have about manifesting, visualizing, affirmations, beliefs, limitations and focus to use on a consistent basis. If you do this, then manifesting should become second nature and it wouldn’t matter if the item being manifested was small, medium or large…

How To Use Creative Visualization

  • As I said, you can use creative visualization daily.
  • Pick a time that is less stressful for you. When you can tune in to a higher vibration level and clear you mind of clutter and chatter.
  • Be clear on what you intend to manifest before using creative visualization.
  • Form an image in your mind of what you want to manifest.
  • Add as many details as you possibly can. This is why they call it “creative visualization.”
  • See the image and all the details in your mind
  • Feel the joy and excitement. Feel and see yourself experiencing whatever you’re trying to manifest.
  • Hold this image for as long as you feel necessary.

Why Use Creative Visualization

I would have to answer this by saying…

“Since you are visualizing , creating and manifesting things and situations into your life every day, why not visualize, create and manifest the things and situations that can vastly improve your life and your surroundings.”

Use creative visualization constructively for the situations that will benefit you.

When To Use Creative Visualization

Creative visualization can be used anytime you want to enhance your life or your surroundings.

The best time to use creative visualization is when you are in a really positive mood, and your energy or vibration level is high.

And making it a daily routine at a set time works best.

Sal Ayub
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