Heal Yourself Using The Law of Attraction

There have been many books written about the Law of Attraction. You may have read some of them already, the information is very powerful. Many have made big changes to their lives because of The Law of Attraction.

With the rise in healthcare costs, or lack of faith in traditional medicine, there are many people looking for alternative forms of healthcare.

Watching the “Secret” and learning about the Law of Attraction has helped already many people to improve their health. Our bodies can heal themselves. Will power and determination help us to use the power of the Law of Attraction and keep vibrant health. It may sound easy but there is still some work involved. You first have to believe that it is possible. If you think that you cannot change particular health conditions then probably there will not be a change. However if you have a strong will and believe that you can get well, then it may be possible. There are lots of cases of people that have been cured from dreadful deseases without a possible explanation. In The Secret, two people tell their extra ordinary story of healing when using the power of the Law of Attraction.

You can take the first steps to help yourself and to make improvements to your health. You can still have a healthy body into old age, you want to do your best to live a healthy lifestyle.

This is how you can start today to harness the power of the universe to improve your health:

1. Find some more information about the Law of Attraction. You can do in your local book store, seek out books in the library, or go online where there is a wealth of information.

2. We are vibrational beings and the Law of Attraction responds to our vibrations. So how we feel and what we think makes all the difference. It isn’t what we say, but what we feel that affects our vibrations and the Law of Attraction responds to this. To be well you need to feel well. How can you change your feelings? By reprogramming your thoughts! Begin to meditate every day for at least 10 minutes. This will help you relax your mind and body! It enables you to listen to your inner being and become at one with your inner self. It will help you to better connect things together both mentally and emotionally. Now starts your healing process.

3. When using the Law of Attraction you can start saying affirmations that are in harmony with good health and happiness. Perhaps you could say “I am a happy person and I love my healthy and strong body”. When you say your affirmations put feeling and emotion into it! Feel how it feels to be strong and healthy. It may be difficult at first. Feeling healthy, when you are not will be challenging at first. However it is a process that will allow you to experience a healthier you.

You will not experience drastic changes overnight but if you pay attention to yourself you will notice a difference soon after you start your healing program using the Law of Attraction. Say the affirmations daily or through the day. Your determination to get well will help you along the way.


Read books of success stories of people who overcame severe health conditions. This will help your body respond to this and you will see at least an improvement, and possibly a total recovery. It is a wonderful method which has proven effective for so many people that have used the Law of Attraction to overcome their health problems. Give it a go, find the new you!

Sal Ayub
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