Positive Affirmations In Connection With The Law Of Attraction

Positive affirmations are highly recommended by the law of attraction experts globally. There are chances that you still may not have come up with the affirmations that are most suitable to you. On the other hand, there are equal chances of you being unfamiliar with the concept of using positive affirmations in order to direct your subconscious mind in a most productive way. Even if you are new to the concept where positive affirmations can be used for the most efficient functioning of subconscious mind, you are sure to be aware of how capable and effective tool positive affirmations can be.

If one way or the other, the positive affirmations have not exactly worked out for you, you do not need to get disappointed. You are not the only one with awful, disappointing or even discouraging experience. The good news is that the whole process can easily be improved by working upon it. This is where this article steps in! It aims at helping you understand affirmations and how they can be used for self-help and personal motivation.

A Common Question: What Are Self-Affirmations?

What are Self-Affirmations? In the simplest words, self-affirmations or positive affirmations, are the words of encouragement that an individual says to himself in order to boost his confidence or strengthen the self-belief in his sub-conscious mind. You do not necessarily have to say these out loud, at times writing these positive affirmations can also be helpful.

When people start saying positive affirmations, at the start they do not necessarily feel anything. Initially, these affirmations have a zero to minimum effect, it is with the time that an individual starts feeling the positive and motivational impacts of these affirmations. It is the repeated pattern of saying or writing the positive affirmations that brings change to the beliefs and perspectives of an individual about himself at a personal level and about the world around him at a general level. The change which the affirmations bring into the belief system of an individual is extremely important as it facilitates in bringing positivity to an individual.

Saying and writing affirmations is not enough, believing in an affirmation is equally important. Without believing in an affirmation, saying it repeatedly is meaningless and yields no result.

How Affirmations Reshape The Human Thought Process?

Law of Attraction emphasizes that the overall scenario and world of an individual is determined on the basis of what he thinks and feels. The universe connects the man with what he attracts based on his thinking and feelings. Here, affirmations have a significant role to play. The world or the reality of an individual is the external part of an individual, his thinking and feeling is the internal part of an individual

The external is entirely dependent on the internal part. The external scenario is shaped according to the internal one. The affirmations can be used for multiple purposes. They not only boost self-confidence or help in altering belief system regarding one’s self but are also helpful in achieving goals such as getting successful, improving love life, earning money, being influential or anything else. As we have mentioned earlier the Law of Attraction which states that an individual gets connected to things based on his thinking and feelings.

Hence, it is always recommended by the experts to replace negative thinking or feeling with positive thinking process and feelings of course. Positive thinking process makes it easier for the person to achieve what he wants from life.

Positive Affirmations’ Benefits

It has been proved that positive affirmations do not work in a single direction which is why many psychologists and even neurologists are working on finding out how exactly positive affirmations affect the brain and especially the subconscious mind. Some additional benefits of positive affirmations are mentioned below:

❖   Numerous researches have proved that positive affirmations are beneficial in situations when an individual is under pressure. Positive affirmations can be used by the individual to boost his confidence and self-belief. They can be especially beneficial in situations such as job interviews or even when you are about to propose someone!

❖   Positive affirmations have a special role to play in making an individual realize what he wants from his life and what his goals are. They make the thinking process of an individual clear and help him overcome his negative thoughts.

❖   By encountering negative thinking and feelings, positive affirmations help a person connect with an attitude of thankfulness and positivity. Recognition of positivity makes an individual more inclined towards happiness.

❖   Not only positive affirmations have positive impacts on an individual’s thinking and feelings but also on his overall health as well. They are known to improve the cardiovascular health of a person which might just help you live a healthy long life.

Hence, positive affirmations not only impact the human mind and thinking but also his body and overall life by slowly and progressively transforming it.

Any Specific Time For Affirmation?

People often ask when is the right time to use affirmations? When do they work best? Is there a specific time when they work the best for the mind? The answer to all these questions is No, there is no specific time and there is absolutely nothing right or wrong when it comes to affirmations.

Even though it has been made clear there is no right or wrong time for using affirmation but it is ‘suggested’ to use affirmations in the morning. Why? It helps an individual strat his day on a positive note and sets the day in the right direction. Also, it will help the person start his day on a healthy positive note by shaking off any negativity and preventing your brain from filling itself with negative thoughts.

It is further advised to not limit your affirmations to one time of the day. It is always best to affirm yourself throughout the entire day which will keep you motivated all day long. If you are new to using positive affirmations, then it is advised to start your day with affirming yourself and gradually develop a habit of using affirmation throughout the day and see how they transform your days and eventually your life. If you think there is a chance you might forget to affirm yourself every now and then, you may use notes or post-it-notes at different places in your house or in your office cabin.

A Short And Simple Process

Use of positive affirmations involves no special technique or technology. It is a simple process which requires having your and your strong will to use affirmations for your advantage, that’s it.

❖   Take 3 deep breaths and count till 10 while inhaling and exhaling deeply.

❖   You need to stand in front of the mirror and look yourself in the eyes.

❖   Tell yourself your positive affirmations. Slowly and Clearly for yourself to hear and understand and believe

❖   Repeat the affirmations 3 times

❖   Now, take deep breaths again and allow the positive affirmations to get absorbed into your body.

❖   Notice yourself getting positive energy

Note: Remember not to rush through the affirming process. It is useless then. Telling yourself positive affirmations is a slow process as you have to focus on each and every word that you are saying and you need to give your body time to absorb all the positive these affirmations generate.

Moving forward, there are specific types of affirmations and ways to use them. No matter the type of affirmations that you are using, you can always make them personal by switching words of your own choice. There are certain which appear to have more impact on an individual than others.

Money Affirmations

Money Affirmations are used when any one of us is having negative thoughts or feelings about having money. Maybe he feels he doesn’t deserve to have enough money to have a luxurious life, maybe somebody feels he has no right to have the money or it could be any similar feeling or thought. The idea behind using affirmations is to improve one’s attitude towards money and enhance the relationship between an individual and money.

Few examples of money affirmations include:

❖   “I am glad to receive money”

❖   “I have eliminated all the negative feelings about having money from my body”

These are just examples, you can always come with the affirmation which you think will work best for you.

Love Affirmations

Love affirmations are one of the most common affirmations to be used by individuals and they are known to work wonders! Love affirmations boost confidence in an individual and enhance their ability to attract love or their right one. Love affirmations generate positive feelings in a person regarding the existence of true love and how it is possible for everyone to find their right one.

An example of love affirmation can be, “I am willing to find my share of true love”. Another could be “ I am ready for my right one”. These are just examples of love affirmations and can be made personal according to the wishes of individuals. The love affirmations work in connection with the law of attraction. Hence, you must believe that love exists and your right one is out there for you which will help the universe to connect your right one with you.

Self-Love Affirmations

Affirmations of self-love have always been known to work wonderfully for individuals. Various researches have proven and shown how they make a difference in a person’s overall personality. They help a person believe that he is worthy of having good things in life, that is capable of doing wonders for himself and that nobody has the right to treat him bad. These affirmations help the individual attract all the good things and people in life. It won’t be wrong to say there is one or the other weak area of an individual’s life which can be strengthened with the help of self-love affirmations.

Few examples of self-love affirmations include:

❖      “I love myself enough to not allow anyone to do me wrong”

❖      “I respect myself enough to move away from disrespectful people”

❖      “The only approval I need is mine”

Healing Too Requires Affirmations!

Healing is a process which needs continuous will power and motivation. This is what haling affirmations are for; to provide an individual with the support, motivation, patience, and strength he requires. They make the healing process relatively easy for a person. Healing affirmations strengthen the belief of an individual that he will get through the weak and painful time. The healing process does not necessarily have to be a physical one, it can be emotional or even mental.

Success Affirmations is highly appreciated in the professional world. Success affirmations attract success and prosperity to individuals according to the law of attraction. They are especially helpful when one is encountered with self-doubts or similar negative thoughts.

Law Of Attraction Affirmations

Law of attraction has a fundamental role to play in making all kinds of positive affirmations impactful in our lives. Law of attraction works on the subconscious mind of a person and helps it get rid of all self-doubt, limiting, and negative thoughts that have been stored throughout the life of an individual. Hene, the law of attraction affirmations focus on the weak areas of an individual’s life which needs working and improvement. They facilitate a person in developing a belief that he is capable of attracting good and positivity into his life which also enhances the self-perception of a person.

Few of the examples of the law of attraction affirmations are:

❖      “I am capable of attracting good in my lie”

❖      “I trust the universe to connect me with the good and positivity that I deserve”

“Power Thought:365 Daily Affirmation” by Louis Hay

Lastly, for anyone who thinks he is in need of the benefits which positive affirmations have, he can check out the work of affirmations expert, Louis Hay. Hay’s famous book “Power Thoughts: 365 Daily Affirmations” has helped so many people find what they were looking for and what was missing from their lives. Hundreds of people have found true love, success, prosperity, self-love, peace and so much more.

Some of the affirmations from the book are:

❖      “I accept my power”

❖      “All areas of my life are abundant and filling”

❖      “Every experience I have is perfect for my growth”

❖      I am worth loving. There is love all around me”

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