Quick Effective Self Esteem Booster Using Law of Attraction

How you see yourself upon the inside, i.e. yourself image, will affect your self esteem of the degree that this self-image differs from your ideals. The way in which you image yourself involves thinking and believing and is sometimes termed the self concept.

Exactly how you communicate to your nervous system how you would look, how you would feel, the kind of self talk that will go on between your ears, doing this with consistent vivid detail, and you’ll find that your self esteem raises with or without your desire for higher self esteem. That means you also get the advantages.

Here is a very simple way to raise your self-esteem effectively: using the power of affirmations. You can do this verbally and you can also use a mirror to make it more effective. You can even use a pen and paper to do affirmations in writing and you can also use more than just the “I” pronoun, i.e. you can also use “(s)he” and “you” whilst saying affirmations.

“I am getting more and more healthy”
“He is getting more and more healthy”
“You are getting more and more healthy”

The author Brian Tracy cites that one particular affirmation is especially effective in raising self-esteem and also another one of the same authors affirmations will also be used as an example. These will be discussed below.

If you use a multitude of repetitions when saying your self-esteem affirmations and you attach strong feeling to the affirmations, they will have a more profound effect in allowing you to produce excellent results in your life quickly

Speaking your affirmations or recording them onto a tape and then listening to them throughout the day, or doing affirmations in writing will allow you to program your unconscious so that you end up with a new revised self concept — that is to say you refresh the things that you believe about you by consciously choosing new, positive, empowering beliefs.

Sal Ayub
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