The Law Of Attraction: A Window To Boundless Opportunities

There is an existing belief that the universe operates under a certain number of laws, all of which are applicable in different situations and spheres of life. One of such is the belief that the Universe is able to call your desires and thoughts into existence; it is called the law of attraction.

The law of attraction, as its name implies, indicates that the universe has a way of attracting the thoughts that run through the mind of a person, as well as his deep seated desires, making them a reality. Therefore, your positive thoughts and desires would become a reality, as long as you focus on them. Likewise, negative thoughts, if you focus on them, will become real as well. So, whatever the mind can imagine, a man can achieve, as much as he has a plan, and takes action in that line.

This simply means that you make things happen when you focus your thoughts on them, because the universe connects to your mind and project your thoughts into the realm of reality. Basically, like every other law that governs the universe, everyone is likely to be affected by this law, regardless of who you are, where you are from, and what you believe in; the law of attraction is not selective in its action.

What Is The Law Of Attraction?

You have just come across one of the most useful discoveries you could possibly find, believe me, you are about to find out how some things happen, why they happen, as well as how to make things happen for you just by properly applying your discovery.

You might have lived up till now, not knowing that somehow, with every thought you think, you send a message into the universe which in turn brings your thoughts and desires into existence.

A large number of persons do not know that such a law exists, and the few persons who know do not consciously act upon it, thereby leaving their thoughts and emotions unguarded, which in turn brings affects their daily activities in ways they are unaware of.

Your ability to understand this law would help you know how to properly direct your thoughts to avoid sending your fears and negative thoughts into the universe, which in turn bring those thoughts into reality.

Your ability to filter and control your thoughts and feelings is a strength that can make the universe bring only your positive thoughts and desires to you. Isn’t it amazing? You can actually dictate what happens to you both in the present and future by simply understanding how the law of attraction works, and properly applying it to your life.

How Did The Law Of Attraction Come About?

I believe that it is of great importance for you to take a look into the mirror of time, taking you back to see and understand how such invaluable knowledge came to be, how great number of persons used this law to direct the course of their existence, as well as understand how to properly affect this law that would totally reshape the course of your life. This long enduring law is said to have stemmed from the belief and teachings of the enlightened one – Buddha, who lived upon the earth hundreds of years ago and taught men about the true nature of the mind.

He taught that one’s present is the actualization of his thought. That is, “what you have become is what you had thought’. This principle is an essential build up to the practice of the law of attraction, and has been passed down over thousands of years.

Men have lived with this understanding over the years, that whatever expression goes out of you into the world, be it in thought or action, it comes back to you in time, kind of like a cycle. What you give out, whether good or evil, you get back in like manner. If you look closely, you would find a similarity between the law of attraction and the principle called “Karma’ which holds that good deeds done by a person would come back to them, likewise bad deeds done will not fail to come back as well.

The law of attraction has been taught and proven over the years. Taught in different contexts and forms since time immemorial, the law of attraction still exists for you to examine and unfold in your life.

The Law Of Attraction; Reality Check

The law of attraction has had its walk through history. Beginning from the times and teachings of Buddha, persons of great status have spoken about the great powers of the law of attraction; including Newton the great scientist, Shakespeare the Bard of Avon, Beethoven, Blake, and a couple other influential persons who have left footprints on the sand of time.

Even in more recent times, Advocacies have sprung up about the law of attraction from modern opinion leaders and formers around the world especially among the gods of music and entertainment. Jim Carrey, Denzel Washington and Oprah Winfrey have a few stories to share about the successes gotten from the law of attraction, as well as the nearly 6 million persons on Facebook who are fans of this law.

Now, truth is, it is mostly difficult to accept new truths, especially if it rubs you in a wrong way for one reason or the other. You might not be ecstatic to hear that some unfortunate incidents you have experienced is as a result of your own thought and emotional projection, however, coming into acceptance of this fact would go a long way to help correct the wrong experiences you have been having overtime, and help you step in and step up, to take control of your present and future reality.

Accepting this truth will help you do away with negative thoughts and emotions, and embrace positivity and healthy emotions that would lead to a total turn around in your life.

Fact Or Fiction; Basis Of The Law Of Attraction

Now, the law of attraction is way far from fiction, in fact there is nothing fictional about it. Scientists have carried out studies and explorations into the power of the one’s mind and how it goes a long way to shape his life.

Quantum physics and its theories have helped to better propagate the law of attraction and its influence in the large scale universe and in the lives of men. Quantum physics shows us that the world is not set in stone like you would think it to be. It is rather a fluid place that could continuously be built up by our thoughts. You don’t have to be a scientist to enjoy all the benefits of the law of attraction, you merely have to believe and practice it.

Basically, the more knowledge of the law of attraction you acquire, the more opportunity you have to basically chart the course of your life yourself. It is just like handing the steering of the car that is your life, your knowledge of everything you can do with your steering gives you the impetus to do whatever you want with your life.

The realization of what you can do with an understanding of the law of attraction would help you see the universe in a totally new light, not as some big wide form that dealt to you whatever it wills, but with the realization that the universe is on your side, as long as you know what to do. The wider your mind can imagine, the larger the possibilities of living an absolutely fulfilling life.

The ‘How To’ Of The Law Of Attraction

Don’t those ‘how to’ manuals just make it easy for you to find out how to do the simplest or even the most difficult things? This is even more effective. Well, learning how to aplly the law of attraction is one way to release you into the realm of unending possibilities in your life.

Understanding this law takes you to that place where you basically map out your life like you want it to be, with all the styles and designs that you desire. You imagine what you want to happen, envisage in your mind, hold on to the thought that you have and then put steps into place in relation to the deep desires of your mind, Voila! You have the life of your dreams.

What Are Tou Waiting For?

Well, Get Into It Right Away.

These are some aspects of your life you can begin to make the law of attraction work for you.

1. Total Health And The Law Of Attraction

Health goes far beyond what you can see, what you eat or the exercises you carry out on a daily basis. Health is physical, mental and even spiritual. Often times, we fail to pay attention to different aspects of our health while we pursue after life and accomplishments. Some persons also delve into numerous expenses just to keep themselves in that ‘fit’ state, but do you know that indulging in the law of attraction can save you a lot of health problems thereby reducing those expenses? Indeed it can go a long way to provide numerous health benefits for you.

Mental health can be achieved by focusing your brain on positivity regardless of situations around you. Looking at the upside of every experience you have, as well as taking time to care for yourself can help you to get to that place of equilibrium and mental health, which often translates to physical wellbeing.

The law of attraction also focuses on helping you see yourself in a more positive light, such as developing self-confidence, avoiding stress as much as possible, as well as trusting the universe to bring the best to you. The level of self-confidence you have is relative to how the law of attraction would work for you. A-class confidence and faith is therefore a given for the law of attraction to be effective in your health.

Now, it is a fact that some people indulge in overeating because of sad and negative feelings they have, therefore, positivity can reverse such situation. A mind full of motivation and positive thinking can obviously help in weight loss and maintaining fitness. Taking a more positive look at what you eat, how you treat your body is very instrumental in achieving physical fitness. Visualizing and seeing yourself where you want to be, with regards to physical fitness will give you that drive to get things done.

2. The Law Of Attraction And Success

Ever heard people say that they have the secrets to success? Or heard some others say that success is relative from person to person? Or come across some thinkers who claim that true success is unachievable? Well, in that case you have been round the success block. With proper application, the law of attraction can help you gain insight into success, and get to that point where you can say you have achieved success, especially by making your dream a reality.

3. The Law Of Attraction And Love/Relationships

There cannot be life without relationships; it just isn’t possible. Whether platonic, occupational or emotional, we get into relationships every day; it is part of the cycle of life. The law of attraction is effective in your emotional relationships, as well as in the other forms of relationship you engage in. Are you among the increasing multitude who desire to find love and meet that person who you could call ‘the one?’ the law of attraction can help you develop a health self-esteem, emotional consciousness, as well as a healthy heart that would help you meet ‘the one’

4. Attracting Wealth With The Law Of Attraction

Many of us see money as a means to an end, while some others see making money as an end in itself. Whatever your views on money might be, it is important to avoid negativities that are often brought about by the drive for wealth acquisition. There is no gainsaying that wealth has numerous benefits to those who wield it, and as a result, has become a universally desired substance. There is almost nothing you can do in recent times without money. Isn’t it amazing then that you can attract money to you just by a bunch of positive thoughts and attitudes? It is therefore imperative that in line with making the law of attraction work to attract wealth to you, you have to keep positivity on a high level; both positive thoughts and positive habits.

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